Data-Driven Marketing


Conway, AR
Acxiom provides the data and technology foundation for the world’s best marketers. We enable people-based marketing everywhere through a simple, open approach to connecting systems and data that drives seamless customer experiences and higher ROI.

Altair Customer Intelligence
Franklin, TN
Altair has the experience and expertise it takes to help financial institutions grow deposits, increase lending and successfully compete in today’s market. Our financial clients count on our industry knowledge and data-driven solutions to gain new customers and members – and increase accounts with existing ones– like never before. Our analytical approach speeds time to market, reduces costs, and delivers a competitive edge.

Seattle, WA
Amperity is the leading customer data platform (CDP) provider that helps companies put data to work to improve marketing performance, build long-term customer loyalty and drive revenue.

Seattle, WA
Amplero uses AI and patented machine learning algorithms to uncover thousands of new micro-segments in your customer data base — then automatically optimizes your marketing campaigns while driving business KPIs.

Bolingbrook, IL
At Amsive, our mission is to make data-centric marketing a reality for more than just the largest companies. As a full-service agency, we bring our clients’ marketing to life by shaping strategy, identifying audiences, developing creative, and executing omnichannel communications while measuring and analyzing results.

Boston, MA
Earn the attention of younger customers with data-driven, research-backed strategies and campaigns. Archera helps financial services companies reach Gen Z & Millennials and build brands people love.

AT&T Business
Dallas, TX
Sense and adapt like never before. Achieve smarter, more trusted interactions with Edge-to-Edge Intelligence. Tap into the power of connected devices, integrating their unique ecosystem of technology and expertise with their highly-secure global network.

South Bend, IN
Aunalytics provides mid-market banks with advanced analytics and valuable business insights to improve customer relationships, strategically deliver new products and services through data-driven campaigns, and drive competitive advantage.

Baker Hill
Carmel, IN
In addition to its loan origination and business intelligence solutions, Baker Hill’s marketing tools leverage database integration and predictive modeling to help financial institutions create effective, successful marketing campaigns.

BluStone Advertising
Philadelphia, PA
BlueStone is a full-service direct response advertising agency with a proven track record in financial direct marketing. We leverage our extensive experience to bring each client the best practices in initial strategy and creative concepts to the final marketing campaign and back-end analysis. BlueStone Advertising offers full service solutions that create response. The right people, the right experience and the right ideas.

Buzz Points
Austin, TX
Buzz Points’ next-generation rewards platform offers the most advanced engagement and loyalty program in the industry. Financial institutions use the robust platform to offer rewards on credit and debit cards and account-based behavioral activities.

United Kingdom
Capture, contextualize, and activate data in real-time with Celebrus. Harness the most advanced cross-channel, first-party data collection to create meaningful, data-driven experiences. Powerful features to solve your largest data challenges.

Oakland, CA
[email protected]
CI&T is a digital strategy, design, and engineering partner to regional and international banks, having successfully executed end-to-end solutions for real-time payments, open banking and bank-as-a-service, digital customer experience, consumer lending, cloud enablement, data, and analytics. Forrester recognized CI&T as a Leader in Modern Application Development for 2022.

Milford, MA
Exclusively serving the financial industry, our clients experience the highest level of expertise in email and related communications including: dynamic targeting, marketing & operational messaging, advanced segmentation, integrated surveys and more.

Creative Storm
Cincinnati, OH
Creative Storm is a marketing/PR firm that improves performance for banks through innovative marketing. Data-mining marketing solutions for efficient spending of marketing dollars. Full-service marketing services: digital/broadcast/print.

San Francisco, CA
Increase customer loyalty and boost revenues by streamlining processes on a powerful digital CRM platform. Transform from a product-centric to a customer-centric business model, and profit from digital disruption today — powered by world’s #1 Cloud CRM.

CS3 Marketing
Denver, CO
CS3 Marketing delivers unique and value-oriented solutions to age-old challenges. We’re committed to helping your organization: acquire new banking relationships, retain customers for profitability and activate, engage and grow your customer base.

d.trio marketing group
Minneapolis, MN
Direct and digital integrated marketing and graphic design.

Deep Target
Huntsville, AL
Using transaction data to present online banking customers with contextual marketing from third-party advertisers.

San Francisco, CA
Accelerate your GTM strategy with deep account intelligence, unite your sales & marketing teams for faster collaboration, spot opportunities earlier, engage with them intelligently, so you can focus on what matters most — your customers.

dbmkt (Data Based Marketing)
San Luis Obispo, CA

Newark, DE
DecisivEdge is a technology services and consulting company working primarily with financial services companies. Our team has a very unique skill set, ranging from business optimization to technology strategy, and solutions delivery to analytics.

Shoreview, MN
Deluxe Financial Services helps financial institutions increase customer engagement, and turn those relationships into profitable revenue. We focus on the customer lifecycle — acquire, onboard, engage, and operate — with a growing array of inventive, client-inspired FinTech solutions designed to help our clients grow in a changing, competitive landscape.

adrenaline_logoDigital Onboarding
Boston, MA
The Digital Onboarding adoption platform helps banks and CUs turn account openers into fully engaged and profitable relationships. With personalized messages, microsites, and self-service enrollment widgets, the platform helps people and businesses enroll in direct deposits in seconds, update their default payment methods at multiple merchants at once, accept pre-approved product offers with a simple eSignature, enroll in eStatements & Courtesy Pay without logging in, retrieve their account and member numbers to enroll in services, opt-in to receiving email & text messages and more.

Digital Matrix Systems
Plano, TX
Digital Matrix Systems provides data access and advanced analytics that can help improve your campaign targeting and boost the predictive power of your risk models. Generating better, more targeted offers is not only a win for your organization, but also a win for the consumer. Contact us to learn more about our unique marketing stage analytics process and how we can help you generate the best offers to maximize customer acquisition.

EdgeMark Partners
Richmond, VA
Specializing in complex, data-driven communications for financial services and investments clients, including targeted direct mail marketing campaigns and customer notifications supporting merger/acquisitions, platform conversions, and other highly personalized programs.

Sioux Falls, SD
So what’s on your mind? Reaching millennials or Gen Z? Increasing share of wallet? Building customer loyalty? Increasing NAOs? Epicosity has the experience and the chops to make your financial marketing stand out in a sea of sameness.

Chicago, IL
Epsilon-Conversant is a leader in interaction management for top brands. They enable brands to transform engagements into more human experiences through leading identity management, industrial strength data and technology expertise from over 50 years.

eventricity Ltd
Offron, Suffolk (UK)
+44 1473 657777
Specializing in products, consultancy and services for event-driven marketing (EDM) in banking.

EXL Analytics
New York, NY
The mission of EXL Analytics is to build a platform of diversified products and services that drives sustainable long-term growth while delivering extrinsic and intrinsic value for their clients.

FI Works
Little Rock, AR
FI Works is a complete solution for bank sales and marketing that outperforms any other offering in the industry. Bankers love FI Works because we show them exactly what to work on every day to grow revenue and customer relationship.

North American Headquarters. Lake Mary, FL
Finastra’s Fusion Analytics is a core-agnostic, AI & Data-driven business intelligence solution. It leverages AI for advanced analytics, real-time data processing, and personalized marketing. With Fusion Analytics, you can gather and aggregate multiple data sources, enabling predictive analytics for precise and reliable individual and household profiling, segmentation, behaviors, and propensity.

Fintel Connect
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Fintel Connect is the leading growth marketing solution built to drive scalable, cost-effective net new customer growth for financial brands and deliver the right products to the right audiences in a compliant and cost-effective way. We power the affiliate and influencer programs of NA banks, credit unions, and fintechs of all shapes and sizes.

FMCG Direct
New York, NY
Focused excellence in financial services marketing. Insight-driven creative. Product-specific targeting models applied against the very best data. Rigorous campaign reporting and analysis.

Galapagos Marketing
Grand Rapids, MI
Specialized marketing firm that works with community banks to identify, plan and implement growth strategies using data-driven marketing.

Haberfeld Associates
Lincoln, NE
Haberfeld is the nation’s premier retail and business customer acquisition partner for financial institutions, partnering with over 500 banks and credit unions to increase profitability and grow relationships.

Harland Clarke
San Antonio, TX
Harland Clarke is a leading provider of quality payment solutions, multi-channel marketing campaigns, and secure data-driven lead generation and critical communications.

HF Direct
Birmingham, AL
At HF Direct, our fundamental aim is to deliver response and ROI for our clients. That makes our clients happy. And when our clients are happy, we know we’ve done our job.

IMN Bank Adviser
Waltham, MA

Charlotte, NC
Created in 1976, IMPLAN (IMpacts for PLANning) is an economic modeling software. Many financial institutions use IMPLAN to calculate the jobs, taxes, and output they support in their communities every year.

infusion-marketing-logoInfusion Marketing
Memphis, TN
Using a data-driven approach and pay-for-performance model, we work with small and large banks and credit unions looking to maximize profits, build stronger customer relationships, and capitalize on targeted opportunities for growth.

Insight Financial Marketing
Minneapolis, MN
IFM has worked with financial institutions of all sizes across the U.S., providing cutting-edge data science technology. Our data tools offer an industry-leading customer intelligence solution enabling personalized communication with financial institution business and consumer customers.

New York, NY
KapitalWise is a FinTech company providing client relationship solutions to financial institutions to enable them to increase efficiency and user experience.

Roanoke, Virginia
KlariVis is a cloud-based data analytics platform built by bankers, for bankers. We deliver banks’ data through interactive dashboards providing immediate insight into key performance metrics that drive revenue, manage risk, & streamline operations.

KNow Research
San Francisco, CA
KNow Research is a full-service, qualitative insights consultancy helping financial brands unlock insights about their audiences through custom research design since 2003.

adrenaline_logoLewis Communications
Nashville, TN
Lewis is The Business Growth Engine. Based in three Southeastern cities, our seasoned team of marketing professionals combine proprietary data science and audience intelligence with best-in-class creativity to grow customer share, optimize marketing spend, and drive overall enterprise value for financial institutions.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Alpharetta, GA
At LexisNexis Risk Solutions, they believe in the power of data and advanced analytics for better risk management. With over 40 years of expertise, they are the trusted data analytics provider for organizations seeking actionable insights to manage risks.
New York, NY
A supplier of direct marketing list products including consumer, business, and email lists that has been in business for 25 years, providing marketing contact information to many of the largest financial institutions in the country.

marquis_software_solutionsMARQUIS Software Solutions
Plano, TX

MARQUIS is the largest provider of data analytics software, services, and consulting to financial institutions in the world, providing scalable, results-driven marketing, sales and compliance solutions for over 25 years. Our expertise includes: CRA, HMDA & Fair Lending solutions, Marketing MCIF software and services, Big Data analytics and action, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Profitability and retention, Direct marketing creation, management & fulfillment. You need results. We have three ways to help: easy-to-use software, outsourced services, and professional consulting. How can we exceed your expectations today?

Purchase, NY
Mastercard Data & Services can build, execute and optimize marketing campaigns to drive profits – using our proprietary insights on actual spending behavior and a wealth of knowledge on consumer loyalty. This includes defining target audiences based on our anonymized and aggregated transaction data, leveraging omnichannel marketing capabilities, rapidly tracking, analyzing and influencing campaign performance, and ultimately driving higher ROI engagements for each step in the consumer lifecycle.

Matrix Manager
Roseville, CA
Direct mail and email matrix campaigns for financial institutions.

Columbia, MD
Global data-driven, technology-enabled performance marketing agency.

Toronto, ON
Messagepoint harnesses AI-powered Content Intelligence to give non-technical business users intelligent control over the content in customer communications to achieve unparalleled personalization, relevancy, brand consistency, and compliance.

Multimedia Solutions
Edgewater, NJ
Multimedia Solutions is a full-service digital provider focused on delivering customized client experiences across the digital landscape based on behavioral data trends.

Mogo Interactive
Corte Madera, CA
Online account opening and lending solutions.

Lehi, UT
MX gives financial institutions and fintech companies the power to make finances as they should be. To put it simply, they offer the cleanest data and best user experience in the space.

The Next Investment
Farmington, CT
A financial marketing company working with both distributors and advisors who want to build their personal brands through our print marketing campaigns.

OwlFinancial Technologies
New Jersey
OwlFinancial Technologies, a cloud business unit of ValueMomentum, serves Banks, Neobanks, Credit Unions, and Lending Financial Services Institutions build their tech & data stacks to simplify operations, speed up innovation and create the best value

Pinpoint Direct Marketing
Andover, MN

PNT Marketing Services
Long Island City, NY

Boston, MA
The Pointillist customer journey analytics platform enables rapid discovery of customer insights, to help companies dramatically improve customer experience and marketing results.

PrintMail Solutions
Newtown, PA
Providing statement printing, mailing, e-statements, and marketing services for the banking industry.

Prisma Campaigns
Boston, MA
Prisma Campaigns is an all-in-one marketing automation platform especially designed for banks and credit unions. Leverage your data to deliver next-best-offers, personalized and across all channels: email, text, online banking, mobile app and more.
Los Altos, CA
ProspectNow uses analytics to predict which properties are most likely to obtain a loan and then serves hyper targeted display ads directly to the household.

Publicis Hawkeye
Buffalo, NY
For the past 20+ years, we’ve focused solely on helping financial services firms communicate better, market smarter, and create stronger customer relationships. Whether looking to communicate changes such as a merger or systems conversion, bring in new business, cross-sell products and services or simplify everyday communications, we create highly-targeted, cross-channel communications that get read, get remembered and get results.

RedPoint Global
Wellesley Hills, MA
RedPoint Global’s software solutions empower brands to transform how customer experience is delivered. These solutions provide a single point of control to connect all customer data, determine actions in real-time, and orchestrate interactions.

Reston, VA
Resonate is a pioneer in Consumer Intelligence Marketing, delivering deep consumer understanding, dynamic insights and analysis in a simple-to-use SaaS platform. Leading brands use Resonate to reveal and engage on a deeper level with their consumers.

SIGMA Marketing Insights
Rochester, NY

Saylent Technologies
Franklin, MA
Saylent Technologies offers a suite of business intelligence and data analytics software that helps banks, credit unions and financial service providers realize the untapped value that exists in their data.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Segmint is the world leader in making transaction data usable and meaningful for financial institutions. Our product line offers a variety of ways to optimally use your data to deepen your relationships and grow your business.

Seattle, WA
Replacing customers and members who leave is expensive. Nearly 4X as expensive as keeping current ones. With the Stakana Intelligence Suite, you can identify, target, retain and grow your customer base strategically to decrease marketing costs.

New York, NY
StoneShot is a digital agency specializing in financial services that works with more than 65 global fund groups. They provide digital marketing technology, agency services and insights. StoneShot was founded in London in 2001 and opened in NYC in 2012.

Seattle, Boston & Atlanta

Strum ‘s flagship software product, Strum Platform, is a streamlined, end to end Business Intelligence Data Analytics Platform that unlocks dynamic customer relationship insights and performance growth opportunities.

Give them a call, visit them online or send them an email.

Westbrook, ME
Synergent, a service provider owned by credit unions for credit unions, provides targeted and automated marketing campaigns with member data.

Team SI
Little Rock, AR
Team SI is a data-driven marketing firm made up of designers, strategists, and marketing specialists that help you create unique brand experiences for your customers using digital and social media platforms.

Tower Marketing Services
Chicago, IL
Financial direct mail specialists.

V12 Data
Red Bank, NJ
Power the right connections through the right channels at the right time. Our market-leading data solutions, real time technologies and powerful analytics make it happen.

Valid USA
Lisle, IL
secure solutions that exceed your expectations—from data, to payment and identification needs, mobile communications and targeted brand messaging to marketing automation services.

Westamerica Communications
Lake Forest, CA
We are the result of a merger between one of the largest printing companies in Southern California and an integrated marketing company head quartered right in the middle of sunny Orange County, CA.

WordCom, Inc.
Ellington, CT
Founded in 1981, WordCom is a leading direct marketing agency specializing in financial services. Using cutting-edge analytics, WordCom will help identify opportunities within your data base, select the right prospects and develop proven campaigns that result in a positive ROMI.

Xerago Solutions
San Francisco, CA
Xerago is a multi-national Customer Value Maximization company with offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Mumbai. Xerago works with organizations where customer revenues are spread over the lifetime of the relationship, such as Retail Banks, Insurance, Telco, Retailers, ECommerce, Hospitality and High Technology companies.

Atlanta, GA
To help meet the growing needs of our clients in digital financial solutions and payments, Xtensifi provides strategic and business consulting, technical and architectural consulting, product and project management, custom software development, professional services and go-to-market support services.

Zuci Systems
Downers Grove, IL
Being a digital engineering company Zuci helps enterprises accelerate the pace and success of their digital efforts. From identifying your digital maturity to strategizing roadmap, digital alignment and use of technology to build applications.


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