Webinar: Social Media Strategies for Financial Institutions


On-Demand Webinar

Watch this lively and timely discussion with Alessandra Pecoraro, Sr. Mgr Performance Marketing & Analytics and Jacqueline Jones, Paid Social Manager for Vericast.

Jim Marous will engage these industry professionals from Vericast in an open conversation discussing:

  • Strategies to find the right audience in social platforms
  • Restrictions that financial institution brands need to be aware of when considering social campaigns
  • How to select what channels works the best for your brand
  • How to leverage social channels to build a community around a brand
  • The benefits of building a brand community
  • Success brands have seen with using creators in your client’s ads

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for marketers to find their audience
  • Ways financial institutions can manage the increasing regulations around gathering and using 3rd party data
  • Advice on how to choose which social channels to focus on and how to create content for those channels
  • How financial institutions can build brand awareness and loyalty through social media
  • Tips for creating content and how to work with influencers

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