Webinar: How Modern is Your Core? How FIs Can Start Their Digitization Journey


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Legacy, monolithic banking architecture has looked the same since the 1960s, despite significant advancements in cloud ecosystems.

Financial institutions are locked into disparate data silos that don’t talk to each other, making it impossible to improve the customer experience, quickly launch new products, reduce operational costs or profitably scale. FIs know they must evolve, but most financial leaders say they worry about the ROI or how to get started.

This webinar with Jim Marous and David Feuer, CPO of Galileo Financial Technologies shows real-world examples of how banks took a phased approach to start their digital journey and demonstrated the ROI of implementing a modern core.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How financial institutions can start their core modernization journey
  • How to measure the ROI of banking modernization investments
  • How to identify internal stakeholders to support this cross-functional initiative
  • The correlation between APIs and personalizing the customer experience
  • How to avoid the “rip and replace” strategy with scalable, incremental upgrades

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Webinar Speakers

David Feuer
CPO of Galileo Financial Technologies
David Feuer
Jim Marous
Host of the Banking Transformed Podcast
Jim Marous

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