Webinar: Automate or Die Hiring: 5 Ways Automation Moves FI’s Forward, Faster


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The Great Resignation, tech talent gap, and all the resource challenges in between. How are financial institutions staying competitive in the wake of the labor shortage? Automation of manual labor.

Join Jim Marous and SMA Technologies’ CEO Todd Dauchy to hear how the growing trend of automation will free up IT staff time so they can focus on more strategic contributions to move your business forward. The days when automation was relegated to core processing are over. We’ll cover ideas and best practices to show you first-hand how automation can turbo charge:

  • Payment Processing
  • Mortgage Loan Origination + Processing
  • Business Intelligence (and ETL!)
  • Document Imaging + Storage
  • Digital Banking

Key takeaways

  • Understand how leading FIs are using automation to offset the impact of today’s workforce challenges
  • Discern the top 5 areas where financial institutions are seeing the biggest impact of automation
  • Q+A with Jim Marous and Todd Dauchy

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