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Corporate banks are feeling the intensity of competition increase with more demands from their customers for sophisticated Treasury Management offerings. The bank’s business customers, whether small business, middle market or large corporate are looking for time savings and convenience. When selecting a new bank for their financial services, businesses are now including an ask for integration with accounting systems.

This is becoming so important that it can be the deal breaker for a bank in winning that new business. Not offering accounting system integration can even put an existing client relationship at risk.

Watch now to learn more about the value of Embedded Finance for your business customers.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Competition in business banking and treasury is growing and bank product offerings need to include Embedded Finance integrations to remain competitive
  • Speed to market and ability to support multiple integrations are important differentiators
  • Embedded Finance and Open Finance – how they differ, how they’re connected, and why every financial institution should be figuring out their embedded finance strategy

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