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The latest FDIC and NCUA data tells a clear story: margins are compressed, deposits are cheap, and community financial institutions need to boost their non-interest income and loan portfolios to maintain profits. Turns out that it is possible to convert all those cheap deposits into 68% more loan volume, just by offering the right type of checking account. And that’s after you see the 45% jump in non-interest income from those same checking accounts. There’s no two ways about it, the market is challenging and the low-rate environment isn’t budging soon. In this webinar, hear how you can take the flood of deposits you’re already holding and unlock their full potential for NII and loan growth.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to move from playing defense and turning away deposits to maximizing non-interest income on every demand deposit account you have.
  • By combining the right deposit product with the right marketing strategy, you can attract consumers who are the most likely to borrow and purchase more.
  • Grow your way out of margin compression using data and technology that has been developed for and proven by other community financial institutions.

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