Webinar: The Feed Effect: Emulating the Successes of the Scrolling Format for B2C Onboarding and Engagement


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A concise and efficient onboarding experience is the foundation for a successful relationship between a customer and their financial institution. However, banks and credit unions still have yet to master the process, especially post-acquisition, when the opportunity to drive actions like activation and funding is ripe for new customers. What can financial institutions learn from the successes of scrolling feeds to streamline the onboarding process and make it easier for customers to engage? How can feed technology continue to drive engagement across the lifecycle beyond onboarding?

Learn more in this webinar from Relay Network.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how feed technology can streamline the onboarding process for customers leading to better outcomes for the bank
  • Insights into new ways to engage with customers beyond traditional tools
  • Strategies to drive more meaningful engagement with customers using digital channels
  • Tips for more successful onboarding to grow customer bases in the new year
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