Scaling Financial Customer Service and Advice Amid Covid Chaos


Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the economy with the stock market plummeting, unemployment claims skyrocketing, and the workforce getting forced to hunker down in their homes due to shelter-in-place mandates. Meanwhile, financial institutions are being flooded with customer queries of unprecedented breadth and depth, whether they be about loan payment deferment, government programs, loan qualification during furloughs, and a host of others, many having to do with recent developments around Covid-19.

How do you retool your contact center and branch offices to deal with this tsunami and scale high-quality service and advice across your consumer-facing workforce? The answer lies in self-service automation, human augmentation, digital engagement, and real-time conversational guidance for service and sales staff.

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Learn How You Can:

  • Scale the speed, consistency, and quality of service and advice across your distributed agent pool
  • Ensure compliance at scale, amid evolving regulations around Covid-19
  • Future-proof yourself against unexpected disruptions, pandemic or otherwise

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