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Like marketers in any industry, bank marketers are faced with the challenge of proving revenue impact of digital marketing and web technology efforts. Understanding how to measure your marketing return on investment helps you to be more strategic, more accountable and much more confident in showing the success of your efforts and securing the budgets you need to be successful.

What tactics help achieve a positive ROI? What key performance indicators (KPIs) will help to make your case? How do you show ROI across the entire customer journey? This webinar will focus on how to achieve and prove the value of your website and digital marketing efforts so that you can prioritize, plan and succeed.

What You’ll Learn:

    • Attendees will gain the ability to learn which tactics and metrics build a successful case for digital ROI
    • How other banks in the industry are using these metrics to drive revenue and value
    • How to get at metrics that track the full customer journey

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