Webinar: Navigating Fintech Disruption While Preserving the Heart of Community Banking


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Market share for community financial institutions has dropped below 20%. Megabanks and fintechs are gobbling up new consumers at an alarming rate. More than half of consumer loans are originated by fintechs. Commercial lending is next up for major disruption.

How can you win consumers in this new marketplace? How can you preserve what truly makes you a community institution while embracing innovation that works? And how can you do it in an uncertain rate, economic, and regulatory environment?

The answer lies in our collective scale. Together, community financial institutions are a sleeping giant.

Together we can win.

And it matters that we do! Your consumers and your community need you to stay in the game — and thrive.

That means you need to act now.

Join us for this critical and timely webinar where you’ll learn:

    • What it takes to win with consumers
    • How to add fintech advantages while keeping your personal service
    • How you can remain profitable whether you need loans or deposits
    • How to take advantage of vendor relationships you already have

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