Webinar: How to Reach Gen Z with Financial Literacy


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Students and young adults are facing the perfect storm of financial pressure, including rising inflation, layoffs and high interest rates amid an economic downturn. To add to the pressure, 74% of teens do not feel confident in their knowledge of personal finance, but they are eager to learn!

Canvas Credit Union and EVERFI’s Financial Scholars program is designed to teach high school students on critical financial education topics with built-in interactive, real-life scenarios to keep students engaged. Over 27,000 high school students in 144 schools have completed the Financial Scholars program and increased their personal finance knowledge by 45%.

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • An overview of Canvas Credit Union and EVERFI’s Financial Scholars program and impact
  • How to get involved with school-sponsored events
  • A teacher’s impact story
  • How to engage students to get involved at your institution

Join Canvas Credit Union and EVERFI to learn how your financial institution can build financial literacy with Gen Z and improve financial wellness for future generations to come.

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