Webinar: How $4B Numerica CU and Tyfone Built Dramastically Better Digital Business Banking


On-Demand Webinar

Numerica was in need of a digital banking partner that could provide member-centric consumer and commercial banking digital banking platform (mobile and online banking).

The solution was to work together in a hyper collaborative fashion to identify features needed to meet the current solution set, as well as identify feature enhancements, workflow updates to increase efficiency and automation, and merge retail and business platforms to a single unified one where members can effortlessly switch between accounts, memberships, and both retail and business relationships without ever having to log out.

Join KayCee Murray from $4b Numerica and Josh DeTar of tyfone to learn how a fierce commitment to collaboration and a dramastically different approach to vendor/customer relationship built a business digital banking solution not for just today, but the future as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Business digital banking is more than just retail.
  • Self service features and operational efficiency features make a big difference.
  • Learn how you can build a dramastically better digital business banking program.

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