Webinar: Insights for Adapting Your Acquisition Marketing During Economic Volatility


On-Demand Webinar

Economic volatility and uncertainty are impacting consumer confidence and behavior, making it increasingly difficult for financial institutions to connect with and attract new customers.

Tiffany Huddleston-Nwahiri, Executive Director of Demand Generation at Vericast, will provide best-practice insights and effective acquisition strategies to drive growth and increase brand awareness. Tiffany will be joined by guest speaker, Forrester’s Dipanjan Chatterjee, a leading expert in brand experience and marketing strategy best practices, will share insights and predictions from new Forrester Consulting research commissioned by Vericast for the future of consumer marketing and explore how financial services marketers have changed their strategy to attract new customers in a tough economy.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best what’s stumping marketers and how the banking industry is evolving its marketing strategies in an ever-changing world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take a deep dive into new Forrester Consulting industry survey data – and how successful financial service marketers are leveraging that data to create customer-first strategies that drive acquisition growth.
  • Find out which economic factors are having the biggest effect on how financial institutions market their products and services today.
  • Learn how financial institutions are investing in innovation and technology that analyzes consumer data to help drive better decision-making, increase engagement, predict behavior, and anticipate future needs.
  • Find out why increased competition, growing innovation, and changing market conditions are leading marketers to utilize an empathetic and personalized approach to acquisition.
  • Get insight into how marketers are reevaluating and redefining marketing strategies to connect with the new age consumer in an uncertain world.

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