Webinar: Enhancing The Customer Journey with Data-Driven Personalization


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In this uncertain economic climate, financial institutions are under more pressure to spend less while generating more. At the same time, customers have come to expect a seamless, extremely personalized experience wherever they are. Banks and credit unions who take advantage of these expectations and excel at personalization generate higher customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty and revenue.

A data-driven marketing strategy is the answer to guaranteeing ROI – what’s performing well, with whom, and through which channels. Using this data to embed personalization throughout the customer journey will lead to an increase in brand loyalty, new account acquisition, and cross-sell to other channels. In this webinar, you’ll hear about how leading financial institutions are approaching personalization, using data to your advantage and tactical examples of effective touchpoints in the customer lifecycle.

What You’ll Learn:

  • An overview of consumer expectations around personalization
  • How to align personalization to customer growth and retention strategies
  • Tactical use cases for acquiring customers, increasing engagement, and promoting product and service usage.

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