Webinar: Direct and Indirect Loan Payments and Skips: Self Service Automation in Real Time!


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Provide a Drastically Better Account Holder Experience

Today skipping and paying loans is a manual and cumbersome process for most financial institutions, especially when it comes to indirect loans. Too many forms, too many keystrokes by staff causing members to not engage and some credit unions not to offer services online.

In this live webinar, experts from tyfone will discuss loan servicing in the areas of skipping and paying loans. Learn how you can offer ALL customers, even those without a login to digital banking, these self service options! Attendees will also learn how to offer these self service options to your membership and see a live demonstration of both the Skip-A-Pay and Quick Pay experience that eliminates the manual work and frustration for your members and staff.

Watch now to see this tyfone magic in action.

    • Hands free Skip-A-Pay – no manual entry, none!
    • Skip-A-Pay for All – even members who do not use digital banking!
    • Loan payments made easy, any way your members want to pay. From your website or within digital banking.
    • Learn how to lower the cost of servicing and significantly reduce call center and manual FI employee actions

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