Breaking Down Barriers to Achieve Personalized Communications in Banking


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Most marketers recognize the value in personalizing customer experiences and related communications. The ongoing pandemic has only heightened customers’ desire for personalized connections across all channels. In fact, in November 2020, the Digital Banking Report found that 45% of bankers believe that personalization over other strategies, will have the most positive impact on client experience in 2021. Yet at the same time, less than 20% of bankers feel they are actually doing a good job at it.

Personalization initiatives surrounding customer communications often stall. Concerns over modernizing legacy business processes and systems, turf wars across teams and the lack of a clear roadmap to success all play a significant role in stopping personalization projects in their tracks.

Join Patrick Kehoe, recognized customer communications thought leader and EVP, Product Management of Messagepoint, for this webinar as he explores the role customer communications play in CX and how to effectively overcome those barriers to success with personalized communications.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to make your customer feel valued through better communications
  • What good personalized customer communications look like
  • How to refactor business processes and modernize systems to support your goals
  • How to break down the key barriers that stop most organizations from achieving meaningful personalization

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