Beyond Banking With Nick Kennedy: A Force For Positive Change


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Set the tone for 2022 and join Nymbus and serial entrepreneur Nick Kennedy to learn what it takes to build a culture of innovation and find out how leaders can develop a growth mindset that will ultimately lead to new opportunities in the new year.

As we enter “The Great Resignation” where according to a Microsoft survey, 41% of the global workforce are considering resigning from their current roles, why is now the time for organizations to prioritize cultivating a people-first culture? It’s vital for bankers to recognize existing problems within the customer experience and leverage these opportunities to take smart risks to set a new standard in financial services.

In this timely discussion, you will learn:

  • How a people-first approach to leadership can be your guiding light as we enter “The Great Resignation”
  • Why being successful at business isn’t about conquering the world; it’s about conquering yourself
  • How to get “unstuck” when you encounter setbacks and challenges along the path to innovation

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