Webinar: How to Raise $100M in Core Deposits in < 90 Days


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In today’s economic landscape, deposit rates are high and the competition to capture them is even higher. With digital banking options on the rise, having the right strategies, technologies, and partners in place to effectively drive digital deposit growth and raise diversified core deposits is critical to breaking through the noise and overcoming industry and market challenges.

What does it take for a financial institution to acquire core deposits 5x faster, cheaper, and in less time? Speaking from experience, a Boston-based community bank would say it takes a simple and streamlined digital account opening process, secure and reliable technology, a strategic digital advertising plan, and a seamless, high-converting customer experience.

Watch this live webinar with Benjamin Conant, co-founder and CTO of MANTL, and Katie Catlender, Chief Customer Officer at Cambridge Savings Bank.

Key Takeaways:

    • Understanding digital deposit growth strategies in today’s environment, including the benefit of creating a new digital brand.
    • The impact of aligning data, marketing, sales, and customer experience, and how consumer expectations continue to heighten as our world continues to become more digital-focused.
    • Solutions and best practices to overcome common obstacles, such as operational inefficiencies, increased fraudulent activity and risk, and staying competitively relevant in our growing digital world.
    • Examples from industry leaders who have built a foundation for future success.

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