2019 Outlook: 3 Key Trends Impacting Digital-First Banking Strategies


Today’s banking industry is moving beyond having digital technology “on the side”. The world’s leading financial service providers are entering a space where the entire organization is on a journey to become digital to the core — truly digital-first.

Join Tim Rutten and Jouk Pleiter from Backbase for this live session where they will share new and refreshing insights into digital-first banking strategies.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to move from “digital-on-the-side” to “digital-to-the-core”
  • How to position your financial institution to compete in a world where legacy business models are headed for obsolescence
  • What drives value in a digital-first business model
  • How to align a digital-first business model with your culture
  • How to adopt lean and agile principles that create autonomy and ownership

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