2021 State of Financial Marketing Findings: Delivering Connected CX


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Customer experience can determine which financial institutions win consumers, deepen relationships with them, and retain them for the long term. What opportunities are there for financial institutions to provide an experience that truly differentiates? Join Total Expert’s Chief Product Officer Matt Tippets and Jason Henrichs, CEO of Alloy Labs Alliance, as they dive into findings from Total Expert’s “2021 State of the Financial Marketer” report and uncover three key challenges and four tactics that will set your financial institution apart.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 64% of financial institutions don’t effectively use data to cross-sell. Learn how.
  • Survey finds that stagnant customer experience is crippled by roadblocks. Hear strategies to deliver the most connected customer experience
  • Survey uncovers how financial institutions are marketing to customers and the key gaps needed to be filled to improve experience

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