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Get in front of senior-level banking executives with a webinar that generates the new sales prospects you expect. Partner with The Financial Brand for your next webinar and you could generate over 500 leads for your company! Every webinar package includes the following:

1) Co-Branding of the Webinar. Tell your audience you’ve partnered with The Financial Brand to generate additional registrations.

2.) Lead Generation Registration Form. We put a webinar signup registration form right in the middle of our articles. This is linked to a custom landing page hosted on The Financial Brand’s website, where you can capture valuable contact information from hundreds of potential new clients.

3.) Two Dedicated Email Invitations. Get your webinar announcement in front of 35,000+ banking executives — the most effective way we spark interest and generate registrations.

4.) Listing in the Webinar Calendar. The Financial Brand features your upcoming webinar in the site’s sidebar for up to 30 days.

5.) Native Ad. Appearing on the home page, in articles, and other locations throughout The Financial Brand’s website, Native Ads are a powerful tool that will promote your webinar for 30 days.

6.) Listing in Dropdown Menu. Your webinar will be listed on The Financial Brand’s “Webinars” tab in the site’s main nav bar for up to 30 days.

7.) Full Hosting of the Webinar. Your webinar will be hosted on The Financial Brand’s GoToWebinar platform.

8.) Webinar Archive. We will put a recording of your webinar in our archive so that you can continue to generate new leads long after the webinar is over.


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