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Hosted by top five banking and fintech influencer Jim Marous, these Banking Transformed podcasts examine major leadership challenges and the impact of digital disruption in banking. The Banking Transformed podcast consistently ranks among the top banking and fintech podcasts in the world.

People listen to the average Banking Transformed podcast 5,000 times across all platforms. Utilize our turnkey promotional tools to increase listenership and expand the impact of your podcast over time. (The Banking Transformed team continues to promote your podcast month after month as well — not just right after the podcast is released).

Each 30-40 minute podcast includes:

  • Published on The Financial Brand’s website with a dedicated landing page and link to your website included in the permanent podcast archive
  • Distribution across all major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Google and iHeart Radio (among many others)
  • Dedicated email promoting your podcast to 50,000 banking executives in The Financial Brand’s distribution list
  • Entire video of the interview posted on the Banking Transformed YouTube channel
  • Complete audio/video recording and transcript of the podcast that you can host on your company’s website or podcast platform
  • Two 40-60 second highlight videos with podcast excerpts that you can post in social media channels or share via email
  • Audio highlight snippets for social media support
  • Social media visual graphics prepared specifically for promotion on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

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