Retail Banking Branch Design Showcase – Over 75+ Photos

Check out this huge collection with over 75 photos of 14 different branch projects from across the globe — ideas and inspiration for your next project. (Please note: The gallery is divided into five separate pages; use the page numbers below to navigate. You can also click on any image to enlarge it.)

mBank – Light Branch

The Financial Brand has written about this concept before, but it’s worth a second look and belongs in a showcase such as this. Rather than trying to reconfigure existing branches — which were generally oversized — this much smaller “Light Branch” concept is being relocated to higher consumer traffic hubs, such as shopping malls. The focus of these branches will be on acquisition, communication, experience and simple services. mBank says over 40 light branches will be operating throughout Poland (where they are based) by 2018.

Design Credit: ARS Retail+Shopfitting

Bankwest Express

This kiosk features ATMs, internet terminals for online banking and sales consultants on hand to answer any questions or open accounts. If a more confidential conversation is necessary, customers are directed to the nearest Bankwest store.

Design Credit: Design Clarity

ATB – Localized Art

ATB tapped some of Alberta’s best illustrators to create artistic interpretations of local life near each branch. The installations demonstrate ATB’s focus on local communities, and its cultural leadership as a supporter of the arts. These murals also convey a subtle brand message — “a personal touch” that only human, hand-wrought illustrations like these could connote. And hey, if that’s too deep and philosophical for you… just admit it: they’re just fun to look at.

Design Credit: Workspace

To check out more of the design concepts in this Spring 2017 branch design showcase, click on the page numbers below.

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