1. Online account opening is the #1 planned add/replace technology in financial institutions at this moment, according to our recent What’s Going On 2016 research. And, other origination systems generally (along with CRM) are not far behind. We’re talking 2X the replacement rate of things like payments and core systems which also have steady activity. This is part of the marketing/sales process, marketers have to get smart and involved on this, and it cannot be deferred to IT and echannels. In some product categories, there isn’t a vendor that does this AT ALL let alone WELL. Some banks might even need to build some things from scratch. Certainly, they have to build or control integration connectors. Leading marketers need to be involved in that design.

  2. What are the parameters of this survey? My experience with FIs indicate the abandon rate is closer to 80% and I think this number is skewed to younger clients. I’d like to see the makeup of the survey and if there is a margin of error.

  3. The survey was conducted by Red Bricks research in March 2016 and consisted of an online questionnaire with just over 2,000 UK-based respondents, all of who had a UK bank account.

  4. In my company’s work with improving CX of online account opening process with several banks, we’ve found clarity of communications to be a very important driver of boosting conversion rate of visitors to customers. This includes clarity regarding fees for different types of accounts, KYC methodology (will be done online via identity and address verification APIs or will it entail an offline element for submission of documents), branch selection, etc. More at

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