Webinar: What Is Stopping Your Financial Institution’s Digital Revolution?


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Digital services have come a long way—not only are they the preferred method of interaction for many consumers, but have also become a vital aspect of many organizations’ business models. However, some financial institutions have been slow to implement digital solutions, causing them to fall short of consumer expectations. When consumers aren’t met with their preferred digital channels, it not only contributes to high abandonment rates and erodes brand loyalty, but also causes the financial institution to miss out on key revenue streams.

Together, Eltropy and POPi/o provide the most convenient and capable digital communications platform in the financial services industry. This webinar will cover how you can expand your service footprint exponentially — and without having to hire any new staff — using video to manage detailed interactions and an AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) to address simple consumer needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t compromise on your digital experience by providing a limited platform that will lead to high abandonment rates
  • Learn how to leverage your most important, revenue-generating services through convenient digital channels
  • Digital services can be friendly and personalized without compromising on efficiency
  • Ease staffing constraints and contact center call volumes with AI
  • Drive engagement and brand loyalty by meeting consumers where they are

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