Webinar: The Digital Dilemma: Banking’s Innovation vs. Transformation Challenge


On-Demand Webinar

Innovation and transformation are a requirement to building a digital-first financial institution. But can one exist without the other? Can they be used interchangeably to arrive at the same outcome?

Our discussion will go beyond the surface, dissecting the core principles that separate innovation from transformation and how each plays a vital role in the digital-first paradigm. We also take a closer look at key components to make these efforts successful at banks and credit unions.

In a world where digitization is no longer a luxury but a necessity, we explore the delicate balance between innovation and transformation in our exclusive webinar. Joining us will be Liz Wolverton, Head of Consumer Banking and Brand Experience at Synovus Bank, Ron Shevlin of Cornerstone Advisors and Doug Brown of NCR Voyix.

In this webinar, discover how to:

  • Infuse empathy into every interaction, putting a human element in the digital realm
  • Utilize data as a guiding force, informing strategies and roadmaps
  • Unpack AI to identify its place in banking and why having a strategy is table stakes

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