Webinar: Increasing Customer Lifetime Value in Digital Experiences


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As consumers continue to turn to digital channels for their banking needs, traditional financial institutions are increasingly sharing space with FinTechs and other competitors that are redefining personal finance. Consumers are growing increasingly alienated by legacy banking models that have failed to embrace digital transformation and integrate more modern, frictionless, and mobile-native experiences.

A new study of 100+ banking executives reveals that financial institutions need to enhance digital customer experiences to increase retention and maximize lifetime value. Join Jim Marous and Greg Dowling, Global Director of Business Insights at Glassbox as they reveal key insights and findings including:

  • How financial institutions can successfully manage the customer experience to generate continuing value for the business
  • Emerging opportunities for financial institutions looking to implement a next-generation digital strategy
  • How financial institutions can adapt their branding, online services, communication strategies, and rewards programs to create meaningful connections with customers

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