Webinar: How to Originate 20% More Checking Accounts With Your Existing Headcount


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There are several avenues to growing your deposit relationships – you can build new branches, increase marketing spend, or even acquire another bank. But did you know that with the right technology, you can originate 20% more checking accounts each month, at a lower cost, and with no additional headcount? That’s exactly what Horicon Bank achieved when overhauling their deposit origination strategy, in addition to the launch of a digital-only brand.

Whether your institution is considering launching its own digital-only offshoot or simply looking for ways to capture more customer demand, this session will showcase how digital channels can stepchange your growth and unlock new customer segments.

Learn how Horicon leveraged deposit origination software by MANTL to build a sleek customer experience, improve its application conversion rate, and unlock the ability to process 10x the applications with its existing staff.

Attendees will gain insight into how Horicon:

    • Identified inefficiencies in the application process
    • Built better visibility into user behavior
    • Established a new digital brand
    • Vetted and selected the right vendors
    • Measures the ROI of digital investments

Key Takeaways:

        • With the right technology, your digital branch can be your best-performing branch, period.
        • Your goal should be to open at least 20% of consumer deposit accounts online in under 3 minutes.
        • Digital account opening enables teams to handle more applications with no additional overhead.
        • With the right solution, over 90% of deposit accounts can be opened with zero human intervention.

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