Webinar: Fintech Enablement: A Pathway to Modernization and New Revenue Streams


Fintech Enablement: A Pathway to Modernization and New Revenue Streams

On-Demand Webinar

Innovation and the ability to offer more meaningful products and services have become key differentiators for financial institutions. Yet, innovation poses a significant challenge for FIs, especially concerning resource management and the time and cost to modernize legacy architecture.

Join Aite-Novarica Group’s Strategic Advisor of Commercial Banking & Payments, Gilles Ubaghs, and FintechOS’ VP of Product Marketing, Mike Hughes, as they explore the emerging concept of fintech enablement as a pragmatic solution to these universal challenges.

Agenda/What You’ll Learn:

    • Research from Aite-Novarica Group will be presented on how organizations can overcome obstacles to transformation and leverage fintech enablement platforms to gain a competitive advantage.
    • FintechOS will present real-world examples of banks and credit unions taking advantage of fintech enablement platforms to develop new revenue streams across personal and small business lines.
    • Practical guidance for rolling out a fintech enablement platform that maximizes the potential of existing legacy systems while accelerating the delivery of value.

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