Webinar: Banking on Change: How to Achieve Exponential Growth in the Age of AI


Banking Webinar

Wednesday, December 14 at 2pm ET

Up to this point 65 – 85% of all digital transformation initiatives across all industries —including banking—have failed completely or have severely fallen short of expectations.

The problem is not technology. The challenge confronting every financial brand leader today is that change is hard, scary, and even painful. As a result, leaders get trapped in the Cave of Complanceny as they do battle with their fears of failure, change, and the unknown.

This is why human transformation must coincide with digital transformation because the exponential changes brought on by technology will continue to accelerate at an even faster pace as we continue to move forward into the age of AI.

The good news is you can attend this webinar to learn how to lead yourself while guiding others to confidently navigate the complexities of change by applying ancient wisdom to achieve exponential growth in the Age of AI.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the biggest dangers that threaten your financial brand’s future growth potential in the Age of AI
  • Learn how to navigate the complexities of change with a repeatable framework everyone on your team can learn
  • Know exactly what you need to do to bridge the gap between knowing and growing
  • Maximize your exponential growth potential every 90 days to forever increase your confidence in a confusing and chaotic world
  • Walk away with the two most powerful questions you can ask yourself and your team every day

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