Webinar: Transforming Digital Customer Acquisition in Banks


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Financial firms are facing increasing challenges in digital acquisition. Increasing costs in Search, privacy-driven challenges like cookie degradation and demands from business to prove ROI on digital investments are putting a lot of pressure on the economics of digital acquisition. Overlay this with the heightened customer expectations from digital experiences – marketers in financial services are in a tough spot.

This requires marketers to transform digital acquisition – to break down the barriers across channels, across different funnel stages (brand and performance marketing, for example) and broadly reassess and revamp their approach to digital acquisition.

Watch Jim Marous, Vish Sastry (Founder & CEO at iQuanti, a financial services focused performance marketing agency) and iQuanti’s guest speaker John Dotto, (SVP, Content and Site Personalization Marketing at U.S Bank) as they discuss customer-centric strategies and approaches to transforming digital customer acquisition in financial services, and share examples from their work across the leading banks in the U.S.

What You’ll Learn About Digital Customer Acquisition:

    • How to transform customer acquisition by putting customer success and priorities at the center of your marketing strategy and delivery across:
      • Data and Measurement
      • Marketing Channels
      • Product Marketing
      • Infrastructure and Processes
    • Examples of market leaders and disruptors alike, who are successfully acquiring (and retaining) customers by being unapologetically customer-centric, and lessons therein for all financial marketers.

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