How Banks Can Reduce Fraud and Improve KYC Compliance


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Banking institutions want to accelerate customer growth and reduce costs by leveraging digital channels; however, the current regulatory landscape and distributed data and resources create barriers to achieving that.

Customers expect the banking industry to keep pace with the simplicity and ease of use as other industries. On the other hand, institutions have to manage the realities of complying with AML regulations, which can mean sending new customers out of their preferred (digital) channel for identity verification and can lead to slow processes.

Join Bizagi’s Rachel Brennan and Marlando Rhule along with Jim Marous as they walk you through the KYC and customer onboarding process accelerator and shows you how you can cut back-office costs while ensuring financial compliance standards are met.

Registrants will walk away with a good understanding of how an extensible KYC and Customer Onboarding accelerator can:

  • Help consolidate and orchestrate back office and investigative labor
  • Allow a best-of-breed approach to using AI, ML, and third-party data
  • Provide business transparency and easy governance and audits

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