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An Accenture report1 details that by taking steps to build more meaningful personal relationships, U.S. banks could boost revenue from primary customers by up to 22%. In the U.S., this translates to $100 billion in annual retail banking revenue at stake. But what are the connection points to get there?

This panel led by Jim Marous, a top 5 retail bank influencer, and Envestnet Data & Analytics subject matter experts Eric Jamison and Om Deshmukh, reveals how banking-as-a-service, data aggregation, business intelligence, data science (including AI and Machine Learning) on a single, configurable platform can pave the way to greater personalization and more successful customer outcomes.

To get more lift from your primary bank customers, watch this webinar.

Key Takeaways You’ll Learn:

  • If the future is AI, data is the foundation on which it lies.2
  • There is a 123-point difference in NPS between respondents who strongly agree that their bank interacts based on knowing who they are and those who strongly disagree.3
  • Activating the multiplier effect, banks can increase revenues by upwards of 22% – $400 per customer per year. That translates to around $100B in retail revenue banking that is up for grabs.1

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1Source: Accenture Research Banking Revenue Model, Accenture Global Banking Consumer Study, Accenture Research Analysis

2Source: Bain Retail Banking NPS Survey, powered by Dynata, 2022

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