52 New Digital Banks Added to The Financial Brand’s Neobank Tracker

The Financial Brand's latest update of the Neobank Tracker — the world’s largest interactive, searchable index listing hundreds of digital-only banks and fintechs — features over 50 innovative new players in the lending, payments, investments, PFM and financial education sectors.

Fintechs and neobanks have im=1acted the banking industry in an innovative – but incredibly disruptive — way. In just the first half of 2021 U.K. digital players already had raised more in funding than in all of 2020 ($5.7 billion, up from $4.3 billion), according to Innovate Finance data.

The Financial Brand introduced the Neobank Tracker — powered by Nymbus — in mid-April 2021 as the first public database of neobanks, challenger banks, digital-only banks, direct banks, and fintechs offering direct-to-market solutions. It proved to be incredibly popular. However, the Neobank Tracker is regularly updated and improved.

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The Financial Brand team is proud to announce the second iteration of the database, taking the collection of all-digital banking competitors to the next level — with some essential updates.

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The database now also includes “Continents Served” and “Countries Served” — after prompting by readers on social media — to better indicate the locations  neobanks are active in. This is still a work-in-progress and will only be updated by companies wishing to provide this information.

Lastly, with the addition of the 52 new listings, the Neobank Tracker now has more than 320 neobanks in a searchable, sortable online database. It’s the most complete and comprehensive compilation of all the challenger banks in the financial industry. The new entries are detailed below.

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Payments PFM Tools

Adyen is a payments software company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Amsterdam (Netherlands). It caters specifically to businesses, offering detailed reports and PFM tools in its suite of products and boasting partnerships with leading businesses such as Uber, Microsoft, Pinterest, Ebay, McDonald’s and Spotify.



AfterPay, while an unconventional banking provider, is a payment-after-delivery service, offering short-term “loans” to customers purchasing items or services on e-commerce websites. It was launched in 2016 in Sydney, Australia.


Digital Banking Financial Education

Agora — which owns “Teenz Power” and soon-to-launch ilovesmb.com — is still a relatively new player in the space, having got started in Atlanta in 2018. Its “Teenz Power” product has it all in the name. The company has a catalog of teen-orientated products and financial education softwares for parents to monitor their kids’ spending habits.

Alliant Credit Union

Digital Banking Lending Payments Investments

Alliant Credit Union is one-of-a-kind in the Neobank Tracker. While it’s a traditional chartered credit union, it has no branches and relies solely on its digital footprint. An Illinois-based financial institution, it was established in 1935 and now operates a directory of 600,000 members.


Digital Banking Payments Financial Education

Ando is a traditional take on the neobank, equipped with savings and checking accounts (and a debit card to go with it), checkbooks, a list of pre-approved ATMs and early pay. But, the company also promises its customers investments will “only support green initiatives.” While it launched in 2021 in San Diego, it already has about 10,000 customers.

Editor’s Note: As of November 2o22, Ando has closed its operations.

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank

Digital Banking Lending Payments Investments

Just three years old, the Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank (AGTB) calls itself the “first digital corporate trade bank,” headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Its primary audience is businesses.


Digital Banking

Atmos Financial is another neobank working to fuel the climate crisis agenda, although it’s doing it by getting customers access to up to 0.51% APY on savings accounts, of which Atmos says people can manage several at one time. FDIC insured, the bank was established in 2020 in Berkeley.

Axos Financial

Digital Banking Lending Investments

Axos was a pioneer for the digital-only movement before the movement even existed. It calls itself the “Bank of the Internet,” opened seven years before the first true smartphone. Catering to both consumers and businesses, people can bank, take out a loan and invest all with Axos.


Digital Banking Lending

A subsidiary of Texas-born Trans Pecos Bank, BankMD is a digital-only financial institution focused on the bridge between physicians and consumers and businesses.


Digital Banking Payments PFM Tools Financial Education

Branch works with businesses to get benefits and money right into the hands of employees as quickly as possible — even offering fee-free debit cards to employees. It’s a Minneapolis-based company and was launched in 2015.

Budget Banking

Digital Banking PFM Tools Financial Education

Budget Banking, started in 2017 in Nashville, advertises itself as a banking experience customers and businesses have never seen the likes of, saying it was built from scratch. It says it offers traditional products, mixed with personal finance management softwares and financial education tips.

Chaperone Limited


Chaperone, which isn’t available for customers outside of Africa, is a payment software company based in Meseru for customers and businesses for e-commerce purchases.


Digital Banking Payments

DynaPay, launched in the United Kingdom in 2004, is a purely small business and merchant software company, getting fintech solutions into the hands of business owners.


Digital Banking Lending Payments Investments

EQIBank — established in 2015 and headquartered in Roseau, Dominica — nicknamed itself “the world’s digital global bank” and is considered one of the top ten digital banks to watch. It offers card services to private and business clients and various wealth management services.

Equip Money


Designed for the small business market, EquipMoney offers loans up to $15,000 to verifiable businesses, for loan terms anywhere from one to five years. It’s brand new, only launched in 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa.


PFM Tools Financial Education

Similar to new initiatives started by the Bilt Mastercard, Esusu’s mission is to help people build credit by reporting their rent payments to the three credit bureaus. It got started in New York City in 2017.


Digital Banking Payments

With the help of Nymbus — a software company — Pacific National Bank launched Facile with easy split-the-bill options, custom text alerts and more. Division of Pacific National Bank

Flyp Financial

Digital Banking Payments Financial Education

Flyp, launched in Charlotee, North Carolina in 2020, calls itself a social impact digital bank built on the principle that all Americans deserve access to high quality affordable banking services regardless of socioeconomic status race ethnicity or age.


Digital Banking Lending

Freo is another true neobank — equipped with savings accounts, credit lines, pay later apps and financial utilities. It has a waitlist right now for its latest savings account (7% interest rate) which it says will “build credit health.” Right now, it’s only serving clients in India, where it’s headquartered.



Genome is an Electronic Money Institution, founded in 2018 and licensed by the National Bank of Lithuania. Genome provides online financial services for businesses and individuals. Via Genome, users can open a personal, business or a merchant account, access transfers, exchange currency, process payments, and manage the funds.



GoCardless is another payments software company for businesses, advertising it is now powered by “open banking.” The London, UK-based company was launched in 2011 and is only serving the United Kingdom at this time.


Digital Banking PFM Tools

HyperJar is all about savings — customers get a Hyperjar card after they sign up for external purchases, but they can also set aside money in as many savings accounts as they like (nicknamed “jars”). Instead of moving money around, a person can spend money from any of their jars. It is not yet available for U.S. customers.


Digital Banking

Ivy Bank is a subsidiary of full-service mutual Cambridge Savings Bank (CSB), based out of Cambridge, Mass., but it’s the digital-only version. Launched in mid-July 2021, customers get access to high-interest rate products, personalized service and security their deposits are fully FDIC-insured.


Digital Banking Payments

Based in Dubai, Jingle Pay is a free bank account software with PFM softwares built in so customers can connect their existing accounts. It was launched in 2017 and boasts it’s “lots of fun for Millennials and Gen Z.”


Digital Banking Payments

Catering to both consumers and businesses alike, knab is “bank” spelled backwards, as it says, to put the customer at the front (klant in Dutch). Developed in 2012, it is headquartered in the Netherlands.


Digital Banking Payments PFM Tools

Lance — started in 2018 in New York City — is a smart business banking account for the self-employed built by and for freelancers to proactively manage their backend finances.



Lower — featured on Zillow, Bankrate and LendingTree — provides home refinancing in addition to home purchase, financial and insurance services. It’s headquartered in Ohio after launching in 2018.


Digital Banking Lending Investments Financial Education

Marcus is the digital child of Goldman Sachs and offers high-yield savings accounts and financial insights as well as personal loans and additional investment services. It’s based in Salt Lake City, Utah and was founded in 2017.


Digital Banking Lending Payments

Miio’s — a Mexican neobank based in Mexico City — website is all in Spanish, but it’s Latin America’s first Telcobank, combining digital banking with a cell phone company.


Digital Banking Payments PFM Tools

Monifi — a subsidiary of MidFirst Bank — walks and talks like a traditional bank, offering savings and spending accounts with built-in goals. It currently serves only U.S. customers, but it was just launched in 2020 in Oklahoma.

Moves Financial

Digital Banking Financial Education

Built for “gig workers,” Moves is an all-in-one financial app to help freelancers and independent contracts keep up with their spending and income. Also launched in 2020, Moves is a Canadian company whose banking services are provided by Blue Ridge Bank.


Digital Banking Payments

Bangalore-India based Niyo was established in 2015, and it’s gotte 2 million customers engaged in the company’s banking services, which includes a “2-in-1 power packed” savings and wealth management account. The company also boasts payments softwares integrated into the app, so people can exchange currencies with no extra charge.


Digital Banking Lending Payments Investments

OCareNeo, based in India, is a “digital health passport” so customers can easily access their health and financial information. With a built in card on the app, customers can pay their doctors right on the phone.


Digital Banking Payments

OPay, established in 2018 in Nigeria, designed a mobile payment service and consumer platform for users to send and receive money pay bills and order food and groceries. It caters to both consumers and businesses.


Digital Banking Lending Payments

Pahela (or “Pahela Bank” or “Pahela Money”) is the first cross-border bank out of Bangladesh with operations in India currently live with the first product: Multi-Currency Virtual Card. It was established in 2020 and caters only to customers.


Digital Banking Payments

Designed to empower the Black and Brown communities to pay less for banking build wealth and end financial unfairness, Paybby is a digital bank established in 2020 out of New York. Starting in the summer of 2021, Paybby says it’ll have a crypto investment feature.


Digital Banking Lending Payments

Another neobank focusing on multiple categorized savings accounts, Pennyworth is still in beta mode. It has savings APY rates as high as 2% and 2.9% interest rates on personal loans. The company was established in 2020 with headquarters in London.


Payments PFM Tools

Propel, while it doesn’t have a bank account built into its app, has PFM softwares so customers can log-in to their existing providers in the Propel app and keep track of Debit and EBT balances. Launched out of New York in 2014, it’s dedicated to helping low-income Americans improve their financial health.


Lending Financial Education

QuickenLoans has been a player in the financial industry for years, lending out money to customers since 1985 and based out of Detriot. However, The Financial Brand decided to add the mortgage lender to the Neobank Tracker, seeing as it is a digital-only lender.


Digital Banking Payments PFM Tools

Ramp is a technology company developing corporate cards designed to save money for businesses. Launched in 2019 out of New York City, its PFM software helps businesses — big and small — keep track of expenses and budgets.

Recognise Bank Ltd

Digital BankingLending

Recognise Bank Ltd is a banking provider for small- and medium-sized UK businesses, offering loans to property investors, business owners and professional firms. It was started in 2016, and is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority as a legitimate banking authority.


Digital Banking Lending Payments Investments

SaveIN is one of India’s first “social finance” neobanking platform — founded in 2020 — for individuals and small businesses to find lenders and set their own terms. Right now, SaveIN only serves customers in India.


Digital Banking Payments

Statrys is a fintech company that offers a digital payments solution alternative for startups and entrepreneurs. Started in 2018 out of Hong Kong, Statrys has over 1000 businesses, which can run their accounts in 11 different currencies.


Digital Banking PFM Tools
Tnex, launched out of Vietnam in 2019 calls itself the first digital banking platform and lifestyle ecosystem for micro-merchants and Gen Z in Vietnam.


Digital Banking Payments PFM Tools Financial Education

Only for consumers in Australia, Up is the #1 Australian banking app helping people save their money for special purposes. Customers of Up, which was launched in 2017, can also send money easily to friends and family as well as pay bills.


Digital Banking Lending Payments Investments

Vbank offers deposit accounts for both customers and businesses alike, as well as joint accounts, physical and virtual cards and multiple payment channels. It’s only offered to clients based out of Nigeria and was founded in 2015.

Vio Bank

Digital Banking

Vio Bank, a digital banking subsidiary of MidFirst Bank, features savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts. It was launched in Oklahoma City in 2018 and is only available to American consumers.

Wave Financial

Digital Banking Payments

Wave Financial Inc. offers a no-fee small business bank account, called Wave Money, which provides quick access to funds automates bookkeeping and requires no account minimums or monthly fees. The neobank, founded in 2010, is based in Ontario, Canada, but it also serves customers in the United States.



WhatsLoan, a loan-as-a-service company, was founded in 2019 in Bangalore, India as a way for consumers and businesses to get access to various lenders for personal and businesses loans.


Digital Banking PFM Financial Education

Still in beta mode, Yap is a digital banking app for Dubai customers with spending insights. Established in 2016 in the Netherlands, the IBANs (international banking accont numbers) and all transaction are all managed by RAKBank.


Digital Banking

Zand is a new digital bank out of Dubai, which provides both retail and corporate banking options for consumers and businesses alike. While it was originally founded in 2018, the neobank is still in beta mode.


Digital Banking Payments

Last, but certainly not least is Zynlo, an all-digital bank with features such as early paychecks, rewards on debit card purchases and fully-insured FDIC deposits.

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