1. As a proud Indian, I’m obviously biased but it’s not only DBS digibank. As I highlighted in, the multibank digital payment app BHIM was developed and launched in barely 45 days. I can’t think of an equivalent app in USA but the UK’s equivalent PayM app took more than a year. The West has only recently started hearing about MVP, iterative development, fail fast, etc. These lean / agile development principles are ingrained in the Indian DNA and have helped Indian software reach the 95% right mark in a fraction of the time required by software developed in the West. That said, and by way of adding a touch of humility to the proceedings, Indian software goes through a disproportionately big challenge to get the last 5% right:)

  2. Many Banks are Accepting Paperless banking and biometric technology like axis bank Zero account and Kotak 811 accounts * I Loved this option

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