Webinar: Using Behavioral Insights for a Competitive Edge in Digital Banking


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Industry research shows that firms who use a customer-journey-at-scale approach realize higher revenue, lower costs, and greater customer loyalty. With the growth of digital banking, it’s imperative that the customer experience is considered a fundamental factor in consumers’ decision making process for their choice in personal financial services. From personalization to simplified processes to biometric security authorization – digital users expect an easy to use experience.

Join Evan Ringer, Director, Business Insights at Glassbox and Jim Marous for this session, where they will discuss the common pitfalls that generate negative user experience, the identification of friction points and how to produce opportunities for better digital journeys.

What You’ll Learn:

    • Why CX is imperative for financial services
    • Get best practices to supercharge your digital CX optimization
    • How to improve operational efficiency and customer engagement

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