Webinar: The 4 Letter Word Financial Marketers Need to Use in 2023


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Of course, that word is DATA. In 2023, if you aren’t leveraging a responsible and personalized use of data to drive better digital experiences, you are likely losing business to your competitors. However, with headwinds such as privacy laws, death of third-party cookies, siloed database and technology solutions, over extended IT resources, how is a marketer supposed to bring it all together and make it work without a heavy reliance on others?

In this webinar, you will learn how marketers, and those with limited IT skills, can find, consolidate, track and leverage data to make the digital customer experience measurably better. By diminishing your reliance on IT, you can move faster toward achieving your business goals and priorities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What data you can and should track that requires little to no IT skills or resources
  • What tools can help you to consolidate and make sense of the data (again without reliance on IT)
  • How to use data to personalize, measure, test and improve the digital customer experience
  • We’ll follow up the webinar with our exclusive cheat sheet of ‘pitfalls to avoid’ as you make data part of your strategy

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