The Financial Brand is a digital publication focused on marketing and strategy issues affecting retail banks and credit unions. It is the singular resource for C-level banking executives looking for the latest ideas, insights and information about how financial institutions build their brands. With a razor-sharp focus, The Financial Brand provides strategic analysis and insight on a range of critical issues facing banks and credit unions, along with real-world examples, ideas and practical advice about how to succeed in retail banking. No one else delivers this level of coverage about marketing, branding, retail channels, mobile, product design, innovation and selling strategies in the banking space today.

The Financial Brand was founded by Jeffry Pilcher and is co-published by Jim Marous. Prior to launching The Financial Brand, Pilcher built brands for hundreds of banks and credit unions across North America. Jim Marous has a long history in banking, and has worked for direct/digital marketing agencies serving the financial industry. All articles are written by Jeffry Pilcher and Jim Marous unless otherwise noted.

The Financial Brand is 100% independent, and is 100% ad-supported. No consulting, products or services are provided by Jeffry Pilcher, Jim Marous or through The Financial Brand.

The Digital Banking Report provides in-depth perspective on key digital banking opportunities and strategies being deployed by financial institutions worldwide. It is published 12 times a year in conjunction with The Financial Brand. The Digital Banking Report (originally the Online Banking Report) was founded in 1996 by Jim Bruene, the creator of Finovate. Jim Marous purchased the Digital Banking Report from Bruene in 2014.

The Financial Brand Forum is a conference specifically tailored to the needs of C-level executives from banks and credit unions worldwide. Covering topics ranging from branding and advertising to distribution and marketing, the Financial Brand Forum has quickly become the must-attend event in banking.