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The Power of Advanced Analytics

Predictive analytics provides insights that can drive sales, increase satisfaction, predict and stem attrition and maximize lifetime value. Read article

Consumers Torn Between Old Habits and New Digital Banking Options

Deciphering the contradictions in consumers' attitudes vs. their actual behaviors amplifies the burden facing financial marketers in the Digital Age. Read article

The Digital Banking Evolution: From Transactions to Relationships

Data, advanced analytics, and digital communications allow financial institutions to respond to consumer needs better than ever possible. Read article

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Managing Marketing Audiences With a Segmentation Strategy

The explosion of data analytics in financial marketing places new emphasis on automation and personalization — hinging on audience segmentation. Read article

4 Ways Data Analytics is Changing the CMO’s Role at Community Institutions

Senior marketers at smaller banks and credit unions can sense the urgency: it's time to hop on the analytics bandwagon... or risk getting left behind. Read article

Over 250+ PowerPoint Infographics For Financial Marketers

Make your next presentation more rich, visual and persuasive with these 250 charts and graphs created by The Financial Brand. Read article

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Should Banking Build an Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy?

Banking needs to be prepared to respond to an increasing array of Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities, especially in the payments space. Read article

Will Bank Marketers Be Replaced By Robots?

Does data analytics and automation threaten marketers' future job security? Do mathematical algorithms trump human judgment in the Digital Age? Read article

Face The Truth: Your Customer Data Sucks

Many community institutions like to say they "know their customers." Baloney. It's simply not possible considering their lousy data and limited analytics capabilities. Read article

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The Financial Brand Forum 2017 | May 17-19 | Las Vegas

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