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Is Your Data Strategy Playing Offense or Defense?

A bank's data strategy must focus on the quality of data, and improving data generation, capture, and acquisition if the quality of data falls short. Read article

Insights, Analytics and Personalization in Financial Marketing

Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI) are the foundations for marketing success for banks and credit unions. Read article

Using UX Design to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in Banking

Abandoned shopping carts are the biggest drain on a digital banking sales process, caused by consumers unable to easily complete a purchase. Read article

Onovative | Level Up With Core iQ
Backbase | Ovum Decision Matrix

Hidden Defections: Customers Are Slipping Away In Record Numbers

Bank customers are bypassing their primary financial institution as they buy new products from fintechs and digital banks in record numbers. Read article

Five Geotargeting Advertising Tips for Financial Marketers

Here's how community banks and credit unions can “localize” their digital marketing strategy with geo-targeted Google AdWords campaigns. Read article

The Power of Banking with Purpose

With so many changes in the banking industry, the principles of culture and purpose are more important than ever for customers and employees. Read article

Alogent | Software Innovations for Banks & Credit Unions
MARQUIS | TriggerPro

Banking Must Move From Mobile-First to AI-First

Artificial intelligence (AI) combines big data, advanced analytics and digital technology to deliver an enhanced banking customer experience.  Read article

Three Quarters of Americans Don’t Even Know What Their Bank Does

Three quarter of Americans say they don't even understand the products and services their bank or credit union offers. Read article

The New Fintech Vendors: Platform Service Providers

Platform services providers are emerging to provide new distribution channels, processing capabilities, and sources of data to financial institutions. Read article

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Digital Banking Report | Challenger Bank Battlefield

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