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25 Inspirational & Responsive Banking Website Designs

The next time you redesign your website, it absolutely must be responsive. Here are 25 ideas to get you started.

Subscribe TodayResponsive websites adjust to the size of the device you are using. If you’re on a desktop computer, you can change the size of your browser window and watch the site scale and morph dynamically, seamlessly in real time. On a smartphone or tablet device, the site has already been programmed to display at the right size. This ensures everything looks right on any screen, and eliminates the necessity to have a standalone mobile app (although you may still want a mobile app for other reasons).

The Financial Brand ran across the following responsive websites from retail banks and credit unions around the world. For each website, the browser version is shown on the left, and the condensed smartphone version is shown on the right. Bookmark this gallery and use it for inspiration.

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1. Bear State Bank


2. Commonwealth Credit Union


3. First Tech FCU


4. Field & Main Bank


5. Byline Bankbyline_bank_website | Verified UCC Data From D&B

6. Bank of the Sierra


7. United Heritage Credit Union


8. Lewis & Clark Bank


9. FSG Bank


10. Travis Credit Union


The Financial Brand Forum 2017 | May 17-19 | Las Vegas

11. City Bank


12. Paragon Bank


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13. Northwoods Bank


14. Member One FCU


15. Generations FCU


MARQUIS | TriggerPro

16. Northpointe Bank


17. United Bank


18. First National Bank


19. Freedom First Credit Union


20. First Bank


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21. Radius Bank


22. Fox Valley Credit Union


23. Horicon Bank


24. Community First


25. SmartBank


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The Financial Brand Forum 2017 | May 17-19 | Las Vegas


  1. u missed ours… Just launched new website and online banking using new CMS and responsive

  2. Would like to recommend our website site ( for future articles on website design as well as responsive sites. We launched it 3Q last year. The response from customers and community have been extremely positive, plus the analytics are supporting success of our objectives. Please email me, and I would love to share our success so far!

  3. Great article! It’s always fun to see what everyone else is doing. For next time, I’d recommend Lead Bank’s new site. We consistently monitor and update our information and get user feedback. Clients are overwhelmingly pleased and feel that the online experience is just as positive as the in-person experience. Thank you!

  4. Are these ranked on some sort of criteria?

  5. No judging or ranking. They are numbered purely for reference, so someone can forward to their peers/friends and say, “Check out #3, #8 and #17.”

  6. I like my bank’s new website.

  7. Please include our Q4 2014 new site. – Great design and responsive.

  8. this one insert video directly in the HomePage. Its very impressive

  9. Please include our responsive website. It was redesigned two years ago and we still get complements about it!


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