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Citibank.com’s Extreme Website Makeover

Citibank, in its on-going quest to become “the world’s digital bank,” has rolled out a new website for its US customers. The redesigned citibank.com has been dramatically streamlined, eschewing the maze of links in the previous version for a bolder, more visual aesthetic.

“In contrast to the cluttered, link-heavy homepage commonly found on banking sites, the new Citi website offers clean pages and simplified menus to make it easier for clients to find exactly what they need,” said Tracey Weber, Citi’s Head of Internet and Mobile for North America Consumer Banking.

In a rather unusual move for the banking industry, Citi teased customers with a sneak peek at the website’s planned changes a few months prior to relaunching citibank.com.

This conceptual layout Citi leaked back in September looks almost identical to the new version.

Citi called cluttered layouts like this one “link farms.”

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The bank created this fancy subsite to put a glossy spin on the updates.

A one-minute video overview of Citi’s new website.

The new site allows users to complete their most frequent financial tasks right from the homepage. With just a click or two, customers can hit their dashboard and view a snapshot of recent transactions from essentially any of their bank or credit card accounts — even those from other financial institutions. The addition of a “Quick Tasks” menu allows users to perform common account management functions, such as paying bills, downloading recent statements, transferring funds and viewing rewards balances, all without leaving the home screen.

Citi completely rewrote all product and services information on the new site, replacing technical, industry-specific terminology with a more relaxed and consumer-friendly tone. Citi describes it as a deliberate transition from an “informational voice” to a “conversational and more human voice,” one designed to put clients at ease.

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Citi didn’t just remodel its public-facing website. They also totally revamped their online banking system. Citi has added new personal finance tools, with the budgeting/goal-setting tools and customizable charts typically found on Mint.com-style solutions. Powered by Yodlee, Citi’s PFM platform allows users to analyze multiple accounts, including those from over 10,000 third-party retailers, including utilities and even other financial institutions.



The ability to link to external accounts is a big deal. Previous proprietary PFM tools from big banks shut the door on other financial institutions, preventing users from importing data from any third-party bank brand — a move that was invariably booed by consumers.

For a few days following Citi’s website update, users at Mint.com were unable to link their Citi accounts, causing many to speculate that Citi was cutting off Mint’s access now that the megabank had its own PFM tool. However, peace was restored — along with the Mint-to-Citi connection — by October 3.

On the new website, Citi has also added links to the three social media platforms the bank is active on: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

“The folks in charge of Citibank’s website are sure brave,” wrote Jim Bruene on his Netbanker blog. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this dramatic of a change overnight in a major banking website.”

Celent analyst Jacob Jegher was more modest in his review. “No doubt it’s a step in the right direction,” he wrote.

Not everyone will see the new website immediately. The bank will roll out the update gradually, starting with customers in randomly selected groups.

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  1. The site is totally busted in Chrome, and Citibank doesn’t care.

  2. The new site is horrible to use, can’t believe my recent and future payments are now buried down on another tab instead of in landing page. The login screen is all jumpy also.

  3. It’s terrible, the website is very buggy. It worked just fine they way it was, should have just left it alone.

  4. More in this Q&A interview at BankTech magazine with Tracey Weber, Citi’s head of Internet and mobile banking for North America consumer banking:


  5. Hate the new format. Difficult to read and now have to hit links to see future transactions. Used to love seeing everything on one page. It it ‘aint broken, don’t fix it!

  6. This is AWFUL. I hate having to scroll down with my mouse, instead of just using page down/up. And I have no idea where they hid the upcoming payments/transfers that I have relied on seeing on a daily basis! Abject failure, in my opinion.

  7. Seems like they made a few minor changes before this total remake. Really liked the version just before this current one where you could scroll down and see everything including balances, future payments and a link right next to each account to make payments. Now its too squared away in different sub folders.
    I want to see everything (summaries) on the home page esp if I have payments pending and my account balances so I can tell if I am not overdrawn. Now you have to look at one page for balance, then go to billpay tab to see upcoming payments. This remodel is looks nice but made the site less streamlined.
    Also, you used to be able to hit page down on the home page to scroll. Now they put the account summaries in a frame within the page so you have to point your mouse and click on the scroll bar of the frame. Again, makes it more cumbersome to use the site.

  8. Don’t know if anyone who matters will read this – but Citi – this is atrocious. I’m not just saying that because I was used to the old one. I’m open to redesigns. In fact I’m a web developer and usability engineer as well as a Citi customer. This site is horrible and I can’t find anywhere else useful to complain but here (emailed Citi but of course I’m sure nobody will read that). For all the reasons mentioned above – mainly – the screen you use most, account info, now has less information and is harder to read and scroll. Plus, there is so much crap at the top and bottom of the screen that the area of useful information has shrunk completely. It is a horror to use. Please fix asap!!

  9. I agree with all of the comments above. This new site is horrible. It is much more difficult to use, especially with the recent and future payments buried in another screen.

  10. I am 1 year late, but i guess i was just switched now. I agree with everyone. I can no longer find virtual account numbers, “see statements” only shows current statements and all others are listed as “no data.” I can go one and on, but yuck, don’t they QA these things before making them public? Sheesh.

  11. This will not br useful until the reports are better..how does it handle transfer payments. Only when the paid account is linked,,isn’t truly a transfer. Othwise it is a credit payment, the numbers don’t maf
    Ke sense when you don’t know where they cam from,

    Also in the monthly report it will have payments for instance and an amount. Click on the amount and it try’s for a minute then says no data available, we know its there but onle the total shows. Gotta make the useable or it is a waste.

    At least provided more detailed instructions ex, how to change categories ect. Good idea, need moe work.

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