Next-Level Engagement with SMBs: Why Digital Access & Enablement Improves Banks Client Relationships


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While digital transformation has been at the forefront of banking agendas for some time, recent events have amplified and accelerated the push for digital services, especially in regional and community banks. In some cases, smaller banks may be behind in digital capabilities and need to prioritize new solution offerings to remain competitive with the large, tech savvy banks and stay connected to their customers. In other cases, many small businesses are becoming frustrated with the lack of attention and personal service they get from their large banks and would prefer the customer engagement they can receive from a community banking partner.

Join Jim Marous, Ron Shevlin, Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors and Norm Deluca, GM, Bottomline to learn how banks can proactively engage with their customers and provide new levels of service that can deepen relationships.

This webinar will cover:

  • DIGITAL ACCESS & ENABLEMENT PRIORITIES – For SMB customers, the increasing need for digital banking products and services go beyond a traditional consumer banking application. Loan origination, business account opening, liquidity and cash management, reporting & more.
  • PROTECTING & SECURING THE DIGITAL CHANNEL – New fraud and risk threats are on the rise, as bank and business employees work from remote environments. Unusual or suspicious payments, identity verification for loan origination, funding authentication for digital accounts are now high priority
  • RELATIONSHIP INSIGHTS & CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – Marketing and account management priorities are shifting. While account based offers and next best product are still important, banks need to stabilize and retain customer relationships and proactively identify a customer’s financial constraints when possible.

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