Personalization in Banking: Aspiration to Execution

Industry pundits and customer surveys indicate that an increasing number of consumers and businesses would like, if not expect, their financial institution to personalize their banking experience. Much like they experience from other service providers like Amazon, Netflix and Facebook, users are looking for relevant suggestions on products/services as well as tips to help improve their financial health.

In this panel style webinar, D3 Banking Technology CEO, Mike Vipond hosts Liz Wolverton (CMO, Synovus), Brett Brunick (CTO / Digital EVP, TCF Bank), and Jason Brock (Executive Director, Digital Banking, Zionsbancorporation) to discuss the importance of personalized experiences and how banks and credit unions can best position themselves for success.

What You’ll learn:

  • What does “personalization” mean at three top 100 banks
  • How to navigate the right level of personalization for your users
  • Where industry veterans see personalization in banking in 3-5 years

D3 Banking Technology will lead the discussion on how Personalized banking experiences are quickly becoming the holy grail of providing exceptional digital engagement.

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