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Here is a list of on-demand webinars available from The Financial Brand’s partners. If your company is interested in hosting a co-branded webinar, please click here.

2019 Outlook: 3 Key Trends That Will Impact Digital-First Banking


Today’s banking industry is moving beyond having digital technology “on the side”. The world’s leading financial service providers are entering a space where the entire organization is on a journey to become digital to the core — truly digital-first. Backbase shares new and refreshing insights gained from a decade of implementing and running large digital-first transformation programs.

What you’ll learn:

  • Move from “digital-on-the-side” to “digital-to-the-core”
  • Position your financial institution to compete in a world where legacy business models are headed for obsolescence
  • What drives value in a digital-first business model
  • How to align a digital-first business model with your culture
  • Adopt lean and agile principles that create autonomy and ownership


Stop Dabbling in Digital: How to Overcome the 7 Most Deadly Digital Marketing Mistakes

PRESENTED BY: Digital Growth Institute

You built a new website. Placed digital ads. Blasted out some emails. And posted content on social media. But you’re frustrated because you’re financial brand is not getting the results you or your CEO had hoped for. And you’re confused because you’re not exactly sure what to do next as you’ve done everything you already know.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to design unique, optimal customer experience journeys for consumers, small business and commercial clients
  • How to map out digital consumer journeys and content marketing that guides people to a better future
  • How to increase website and landing page conversions with behavioral economic hacks


Delivering a World Class Experience: Best Practices for Digital Banking Conversions

PRESENTED BY: Harland Clarke

It is time financial institutions embrace every digital interaction as a moment of opportunity to engage and delight customers. The rewards? A seamless and superior experience for your institution, your employees, your customers, and more — increased customer retention, more business referrals and improved buying propensity.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to design unique, optimal customer experience journeys for consumers, small business and commercial clients
  • The fundamentals of scheduling, user segmentation and proactive customer engagement and support
  • How to gain new insight into the resources, processes and dependencies required to deliver a quality transition experience


Self-Service Analytics That Drive Trust, Confidence, and Value Creation

PRESENTED BY: Datawatch Angoss 

Join Datawatch Angoss and other financial peers to learn about key trends in the data and analytics space. Explore the new tools and forces shaping how financial marketers interact with their data, placing a greater emphasis on driving trust and confidence..

What you’ll learn:

  • How to define analytics in the context of solving business problems and overcoming barriers to success
  • Best practices for adopting a data and self-service analytics strategy
  • How financial institutions have leveraged data analytics to solve problems such as customer loyalty, risk mitigation, and others


9 Essential Content Marketing Strategies for Financial Institutions


Learn how to multiply your financial institution’s marketing success with a data-driven content strategy that differentiates your brand, reaches new consumers and converts more leads. Find out how to fully capitalize on the compounding benefits of content and the pitfalls you need to avoid. What you’ll learn:

  • Why content marketing matters now more than ever
  • The most common pitfalls and mistakes that thwart success
  • How to overcome the challenges so that your content wins


Will You Be the Disruptor or Disrupted in 2019? Data is the Answer


To become an innovator in banking and disrupt the status quo, financial institutions must shift to a data-driven mindset, with a relentless focus on putting the customer first. Join Don MacDonald from MX and Jim Marous from The Financial Brand to learn how you can become the disruptor and not the disrupted in 2019. What you’ll learn:

  • How you stack up in your peer group among 1,400 financial institutions
  • How to transform your financial institution into a data-driven organization
  • How to identify consumer trends and become an innovator in the marketplace


Banking on Trust: Employee Advocacy in Financial Services


Find out how leading financial brands are harnessing their collective employee voices by tapping into their employees’ social networks. With tips from this webinar, you can learn how to turn your employees into your biggest advocates, reach new audiences, connect with Millennials and improve your brand reputation. What you’ll learn:

  • How to empower your employees to be your best advocates across social media
  • Best practices on social media and regulatory compliance