Top 100 Banks on Facebook Ranked by Most Likes

The top 100 banks on Facebook, ranked by the most likes (or followers), including the number of new Facebook likes added in the previous quarter. If you think your bank should be listed here and it isn’t, please click here.


The top 100 banks on Facebook now collectively have over 140 million likes/followers on Facebook. Among these banks, 39 of them have over 1 million likes/followers. The median is 718,000 likes/followers, and it now takes a minimum of 142,000 likes/followers to crack the top 100 banks on Facebook.

Key Fact: The top 100 banks on Facebook now have 2,879,718 fewer followers than they had at the end of the first quarter in 2021.

The cause of this drop is likely Facebook taking action to purge fake accounts (think: spambots and “Russian trolls”).

Among the top 100 banks, they collectively added a combined 993,735 new likes/followers in the first quarter of 2022, an average growth rate of 0.71%. By comparison, the growth rate among these banks averaged 0.62% in the same period a year prior.

A typical bank in the top 100 on Facebook added an average of 10,000 new likes/followers over the first three months of 2022. Four banks added over 100,000 new likes/followers in this same period.

Key Fact: Over one-third of the top 100 banks on Facebook actually shed likes/followers during the first quarter of 2022.

The United States is the country most represented, with 18 banks in the top 100 on Facebook. Nigeria is next with 14, followed by India (9), the United Kingdom (8), South Africa (7), Kenya (6) and Canada (6).

Among the top 10 banks on Facebook, four hail from India, three from Nigeria, two from the United States (including Capital One and Chase Bank) and one from the Philippines.

Top 100 Banks on Facebook in 2022

Last Updated: March 31, 2022.