Segmentation Strategies

What Gen X, Gen Y Think About Their Financial Situation

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!To better understand Gen X and Gen Y’s current and future financial situation, the American Savings Education Council and AARP commissioned a survey with members of these two generations. The online survey of 1,752 Americans ages 19-39 was conducted back in January 2008. This research found that:. Read More

BofA Targets College Crowd With ‘Morris On Campus’

Bank of America’s Morris on Campus,™ Life According to an Upperclassman™ is designed to “educate and empower students to take control of their finances and bank with confidence in this new academic year,” the bank says. Unlike other Gen-Y online promotions, “Morris” is not the product of a “spokester contest,” but is instead a 23-year. Read More

“B@%k” is a Four-Letter Word in This Promotion

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!WSECU takes the fight to banks in a small but brave online initiative targeting college students called “What the B.” The campaign includes a microsite, blog and visits at college campus events. The campaign’s central creative hook centers on a playful-yet-derogatory portrayal of banks. For starters, the. Read More

Are You Ignoring Gen-Y? Parents? Gen-Z?

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!There’s a lot of talk in the financial industry about “growing relationships” with a Gen-Y audience. Here’s two things you should be doing. #1 – Don’t ignore them. “But we’re not!” you protest. “We have defined Gen-Y as an important part of our future strategy.” Great. But. Read More

Dallas Credit Union Launching ‘Young & Free’ Knockoff

The Dallas Morning News reports that Resource One Credit Union based out of Dallas, TX is launching a competition for a “spokester” on August 13. Contestants will submit a 500-word blog and video online during the first phase of the competition. Resource One will then select the top finalists who will have to solicit votes. Read More