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New FirstBank branch model features teller pods

FirstBank’s next branch won’t have a traditional teller line. Instead, the bank will have what is known in the financial industry as “teller pods.” Teller pods were introduced into the mainstream by WaMu (shown at right – click on image to enlarge). When customers enter the bank, they will be greeted by a bank employee […]

First Atlantic Branches Feature Video Tellers, Teller ‘Pods’

John Culp, CEO of First Atlantic Credit Union, complained that his financial institution suffered from “a physical image that was like that of a classic bank branch, with teller lines and big walls separating us from the customers.” Enter Kenneth Gruskin, president of Gruskin Group, an architectural firm, who has reworked five of First Atlantic’s […]

Credit Union Branch Concept Features Café and Dialogue Pods

With the christening of its latest branch, Augusta Metro Credit Union, introduced a new retail prototype boasting a more open and spacious floor plans and a wide range of the latest features. Four paired teller pods, something Augusta Metro calls “dialogue banking” pods, have replaced the traditional row of tellers. Instead, customers are met by […]

Credit Union Identity Makeover Includes Logo, Branch

The old logo is dated and looks very official, like a notary’s seal. The new, contemporary logo draws off shapes found in the building. Auburn University FCU’s latest branch and new headquarters shuns traditional teller lines by opting for what they call a “dialogue delivery format,” in which members and member service representatives work closely […]