Update: Wells Fargo + Wachovia Transition Ads

Here’s the latest from Wells Fargo as they continue to rollout marketing that addresses their merger with Wachovia.

What’s interesting about the first two TV spots (“College” and “Dog Rescue”) is that they bear the Wachovia name and logo. There’s no Wells Fargo logo, only a line that says, “A Wells Fargo Company.”

Wells Fargo, it seems, isn’t in any particular rush to phase out the Wachovia brand. Both spots promote Wachovia’s “Way 2 Save” automatic savings program , a popular product that Wells Fargo has elected to retain.

Wells Fargo is also maintaining Wachovia’s Twitter account, rotating in various members of the Wells Fargo Twitter team. With roughly 5,000 followers, that’s probably a good idea for the time being.

Key Question: How long will the Wachovia brand survive? Indefinitely? Why? Who says Wachovia has to go away at all?

Here’s the first print ad from the newly joined banks. They aren’t the only financial institution in America trying to encourage consumer optimism with messages like “Keep Moving Forward.” This ad first ran in The New York Times and in other national publications earlier this summer.

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