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“The culprit? Mountain America Credit Union.
Check out the site, but don’t sign up to do business with them.
At least if I lived in Utah I wouldn’t.
Not after hearing about this horror story.”


“Dear Bank of America, your credit line is a scam!!!
Bank of America will screw you, hide behind legalese and doubletalk.”

– Black Canseco

“After more than a dozen years under the yoke of Wells Fargo,
I finally pulled the plug on the bastards…
I went and pulled all my money out
and walked it down to San Francisco Fire Credit Union.”

– Elite, Yelp! review

“Those bastards!”

– Just Dave

“Banks are never going to be your friend,
no matter what the marketing tagline is.
You know who told me that?
A women working at the bank.”

– Sunili

“Thank you Golden 1. I am sooooo glad you are there to help
when help is needed. My family thanks you.”

– meds4every1

“Virginia Credit Union, you rock!”

– Michael

“I do like VanCity, but I can get a VISA anywhere,
hopefully with less hassle.”


“I would prefer more tellers than door boys asking me
if I wanted a drink. If we weren’t waiting so long
we wouldn’t be getting bloody thirsty in the first place.”

– Sunili

“HSBC, ‘The World’s Local Bank’, can’t accept your local currency.”


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