Power 100 Social Media Rankings – All 26 Lists

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Welcome to the Power 100, a comprehensive ranking system for the social media activity of banks and credit unions in April, May and June 2013. If you think your bank or credit union should be listed and it isn’t, click here.

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The Financial Brand has partnered with Unmetric to bring you the Power 100 rankings. This series of lists is based on a proprietary database encompassing hundreds of banks and credit unions in English-speaking countries around the world. Every year, The Financial Brand monitors roughly 2,000 banks and credit unions on Facebook, and another 2,500 banks and credit unions on Twitter.

The Power 100 rankings break down the social media stats of retail financial institutions on the three major platforms — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — in just about every way conceivable. It’s safe to say there isn’t another resource like this anywhere on the web — free or paid.

Highlights of this quarter’s Power 100 rankings:

  • The top three financial institutions on Facebook have a combined total of over 9 million ‘Likes.’ Rankings.
  • Seven financial institutions added over 100,000 ‘Likes’ in 90 days. One of them is a credit union. Rankings.
  • The #1 financial institution has nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter, and they added over 77,000 of those in the last quarter. Rankings.
  • One bank tweeted over 20,000 times in the last three months — nearly three times more than any other — and they aren’t based in the U.S. Rankings.
  • Videos shared by the top 100 financial institutions on YouTube have been viewed 83 million times. Rankings.

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